Parkway Elementary School

Public School in Lewisville, Texas

Parkway Elementary School is located in Lewisville, Texas. The school belongs to Lewisville ISD District, and its zip code is 75067. The contact phone number of Parkway Elementary School is (469) 713-5979. can provide access to our entire database of all elementary, intermediate, K-12, high schools, adult schools, special education institutions, opportunity schools and community schools in your area.

Parkway Elementary School Location

Parkway Elementary School is located at 2100 S Valley Pkwy, Lewisville, TX, 75067.

Overview of Parkway Elementary School

  • Grades Range: 'KG-05
  • District: Lewisville ISD
  • County: Denton County
  • Address: 2100 S Valley Pkwy, Lewisville, TX, 75067
  • Phone: (469) 713-5979
  • Fax: (972) 350-9132
  • Website:
  • School Admin: Lori Litchfield (


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